Top 15 Favorite Songs: Q4 2020

Happy holidays everybody! It’s time for our fourth and final quarterly songs playlist of the year!

As usual, October was insane for new music and a good chunk of these tracks come from that period. Lots of of Hip-Hop made it in this time around, and we’ve also got representation from the worlds of EDM, Hard Rock, Pop, Country, and whatever the fuck you call that amazing Greg Puciato song “Temporary Object”.

You can find the full Spotify playlist with honorable mentions below the video, and I can’t wait to share my Year End Lists with you guys!!

Top 15 Favorite Songs: Q2 2020

What’s up guys! Time for another (late) edition of my quarterly favorite songs segment! In this video, I run through 15 of my favorite songs from April – June of 2020. Or, in the event that you have the attention span of a five-year-old, here is a quick excerpt and here is another quick excerpt and here is ANOTHER quick excerpt and then check out the Spotify link below for the full playlist with honorable mentions:

Top 15 Favorite Songs: Q1 2020

What’s up guys! First of four of these bad boys for 2020. Can you believe we’re already over 25 percent through the year? I know this COVID shit has put quite a damper on things as of late, but I personally had a fantastic quarter – personally, professionally, and of course, musically!

There’s been ton of great music to get excited about . Hip-Hop in particular is already having a better year than 2019, which was a significantly below average year for the genre, at least from where I was sitting.

Artists discussed in this installment include: Jay Electronica, Pet Shop Boys, Grimes, Joywave & more! And be sure to check out the accompanying Spotify playlist for honorable mentions!