I was eight years old when I first heard Smash Mouth’s Astro Lounge. It was a breezy summer afternoon in Elk Rapids, Michigan, and my cousins and I were crammed into the not-so-spacious backseat of my Aunt’s green Toyota Sienna minivan after a day of inner tubing and failed water skiing attempts. For everyone else, it was a fun but relatively uneventful day at our Grandparents’ lake house. Except me. I was equal parts exhilarated and dumbfounded by what was coming out of the overheard speaker. My life has not been the same since.


After hearing Astro Lounge, I was on a never-ending quest for that overwhelming charge the music gave me. I’ve chased it onstage. I’ve chased it in moshpits. I’ve chased it digging through bargain bins at record stores for hours on end. I’ve chased it drunkenly freestyle rapping with my friends. All I’ve ever wanted was to recapture that feeling. At heart, I’m just an eight-year-old kid dancing in the back of a minivan.

If my life ends today, I feel blessed to have had such an incredible soundtrack. Music has always been my number one source of inspiration, joy, and fulfillment.

We are beyond fortunate to live in a time where good music is more abundant and accessible than it’s ever been. Whether it’s Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Alternative, EDM, Jazz, or fucking Polka, I’m determined to hear it all. This blog is my chance to share my quest with the world in an organic and unfiltered way.

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