Tao Te Ching: TOP 10 BEST QUOTES!

Hey guys! Got a totally different type of video for you here.

“One who conquers others is strong. One who conquers himself is all-powerful.”

“There is no greater misfortune than feeling ‘i have an enemy’. For when ‘I’ and ‘enemy’ exist together there is no room for my treasure. Thus, when two opponents meet, the one without an enemy will surely triumph.”

These are just two of the priceless, life-defining pieces of wisdom from one of the most important and influential texts in the history of mankind – the Tao Te Ching – that I discuss in this new video.

Lao Tzu’s words have had such an enormous impact on my life that I wanted to share what they mean to me and hopefully inspire others in the process. The seemingly counterintuitive concepts throughout this text (which itself is the literary cornerstone of Chinese Taoism) are still some of the most widely referenced in the modern day. You might not even realize that some of your favorite quotes (“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, anyone?) came from the Tao Te Ching.

Really hope you guys enjoy this! Would love to hear from you about which of these 10 quotes mean the most to you personally and why:

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