Why You Should Add Me On Snapchat!

Dear World at Large,

In May 2015, I finally gave in to Snapchat. My buddy insisted it would help me get laid. It did help with that, but that’s not why I love Snapchat.

I love Snapchat because it caters to our generation. We’re visual as fuck, and our attention spans are short as fuck. When it comes to keeping in touch with friends, staying up to date on their comings and goings, and, well, sending and receiving titty pics, it makes more sense than Facebook at this point.

I also love Snachat because there are four or five girls on mine whose snap stories consist of nothing but them partying six days a week, and I watch them CONSTANTLY in order to feel good about myself and the fact that I’m living relatively responsibly and working to (sloooowwwwly) advance my goals. But that’s neither here nor there.

In my early ‘20s, I’m already an old man at heart. I hate change, I don’t have the patience to deal with technology, and I complain a lot about my back hurting. But Snapchat is a relatively current thing that I absolutely get down with, and I’ve found it to be more and more instrumental in my unwavering life goal these past 18 months: to bring happiness to the lives of others by sharing the great music that’s made mine manageable.

I am a shithead, and I do have shithead friends, so every now and then my story DOES consist of your typical debaucherous “going out” nonsense. But 90% of the time, it’s all about music. For the last few months, I’ve made a concentrated effort to post a few snap stories per week of song recommendations, album recommendations, quick little rants about my favorite and least favorite artists, and even what I’ve deemed “mini reviews”, in which I spend three or four consecutive ten-second stories giving brief thoughts about a new record! Despite how off-the-cuff it all may seem, I put considerable effort into making sure each and every snap will be worth SOMEONE’s time, if not many people’s.

My username is ryanpanny. No “music”, just “ryanpanny”. Hit me up on there, and I promise I’ll do my utmost to keep the music content flowing – recommendations, mini album reviews, embarrassingly awkward sing-alongs, and everything in between! Sharing my passion for music with the world every day – and the thought that my music commentary could change someone’s life for the better, if ever so slightly, by bringing some great new music into it – is a neverending joy for me. Going forward, Snapchat will be one of the main avenues with which I will work to accomplish this.

Hope to see ya on there!



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