Fergie’s “Life Goes On” Single

It’s now been a decade since Fergie Ferg’s fergalicious debut The Duchess had mainstream Pop radio in a strange hold. I remember it vividly – I was in 7th grade and still at the mercy of popular music (though to this day, whenever I decide to “socialize” and waste my hard-earned money at the shallow bar and club scene, I guess I still am). I was trying to attract girls and repel acne, but I of course did the opposite. And The Duchess, whether I liked it or not, was my soundtrack to that mess. In retrospect, “Glamorous” still holds up as a fantastic Pop single (shout out to Ludacris for ALWAYS playing his part flawlessly when he guests on Pop songs), and the rest of the record was obnoxious. But that’s neither here nor there.

Fergie’s back with another single, presumably from her rumored Double Duchess LP. I’ll give her a pass on that “M.I.L.F.$” single that she dropped earlier this year and give this one a fair shot.

Not so shockingly, “Life Goes On” benefits from glistening production. The intro pairs bouncy, plucked guitars with finger snaps, setting a lighthearted mood and giving Fergie’s vocals most of the spotlight. Then, for the chorus, she hops on that ever-so-crowded Tropical House train. I, for one, love the Tropical House beat, but isn’t this the wrong season? I’m not sure people are looking for this type of sound heading into heart of winter. But hey, I could be wrong.

Here’s the thing about Fergie –she is actually a legitimately great singer, and people tend to forget that, ‘cause she had a prominent role in a song called “My Humps”, which will go down as one of the worst songs in the history of mankind (just figured I’d gently remind you that that song exists– don’t worry, I repress the memories too). But “Life Goes On” gives her room to showcase her talents – she uses her pipes to put forth this blissful apathy that’s wrapped up in the lyrics. “Who cares anyway?” she sings. Ferg’s warning us not to overthink things or run ourselves in the ground with stress, because life’s gonna keep moving regardless. ““In the midst of all the madness/remember life’s beautiful”, she reminds us in the second verse.

Unfortunately, “Life Goes On” provides us with a sizable intermission from the whole Fergie The Singer thing, and Fergie the (Apparently) Rapper shows up. I guess instead of getting an A-lister to interject and spit a few horribly dumbed-down bars (a la Kendrick Lamar on Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know”) Fergie has chosen to be a utility player. And how could we forget her magical appearance on Kanye’s “All of the Lights”, one of the worst four bars Hip-Hop has ever seen – seriously, some people STILL don’t realize that’s even her!

Joking aside, her verse here isn’t actually that terrible. “Speed your loyalty up like Bugatti”? Ok that blows, but I can tolerate the rapping because the rest of the song is pretty decent. Kinda fluffy, but decent. Keep in mind, I’ve been unable to escape The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” for three months now, so my standards have gotten low as fuck.

But I wouldn’t mind one bit if “Life Goes On” takes off as a single. It’s passable, and I’m totally gonna give Double Duchess a chance. Especially since Fergie is secretly a Rock singer and appeared on Slash’s self-titled record back in 2010.

OH, and I swear at 1:25 she randomly ad-libs “TWO CHAINNZZZZ”. But the more likely scenario is that my feeble mind is slowly deteriorating. 🙂

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