Trivium’s “Silence in the Snow” Title Track

Whew. This one came out of nowhere for me. Lately I’ve been entrenched in familiarizing myself with “classic” and “landmark” albums that I’ve unforgivably missed out on – some examples include Public Enemy’s Fear of a Blank Planet, Satyricon’s Nemesis Divina, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Eek, I know. If you didn’t cringe at one of those, I question your musical fandom as much I am currently questioning my own. Anyway, such a process allowed yet another exciting 2015 metal release to sneak up on me. A brand new Trivium album, Silence in the Snow, is due out October 2nd.

Once Avenged Sevenfold welcomed me into the metal community with open, dual-guitar wielding arms at 12 years old, Trivium was my second major gateway. Frontman Matt Heafy’s abrasive, unintelligible screams fascinated me, the digestible rock choruses kept me coming back, and the flashy guitar shredding of Heafy and Corey Beaulieu quickly converted me to the shred guitar faithful, inspiring me to put in the hours to be able to do what they do.

Silence in the Snow will be the band’s seventh album, and while I am no longer the Trivium diehard that I was when Shogun came out in 2008, I remain a major fan of their classic-leaning brand of modern mainstream metal. Thus, when the band released the video for Silence in the Snow’s title track on Thursday, my ears instinctually perked up.

“Silence in the Snow” presents Trivium circa 2015 as more melodic than ever before. The chugging main riff wouldn’t be out of place on a Firewind or Hammerfall album – in fact, “power metal” is not an entirely unfitting description of this song. Matt Heafy’s chorus vocals continue in a similar vein as the grandiose, triumphant nature of the title track from the band’s last album, 2013’s Vengeance Falls. Except this time around, the thrash influence is largely missing, and Heafy’s screamed vocals are entirely absent. The band does throw in a heavy breakdown and a trademark, harmony-saturated solo section for good measure – both are very effective.

In a recent statement regarding the album, Matt Heafy commented, “screaming is easy, singing is hard. I’ve always been a fan of what’s harder”. Ehh, I disagree. To me, what always reigns supreme is simply what sounds better. And in this case, the singing does fit perfectly. As a melodic vocalist, Heafy sounds more self-assured and confident than ever before. Throw in impeccably produced, airtight instrumentation, and Trivium has crafted another larger-than-life metal anthem. I’ll excuse the unnecessarily bizarre music video.

Silence in the Snow drops October 2nd. Based on the title track alone, I cannot wait. It is absurd how many highly anticipated metal albums are being released in impossibly rapid succession as of recent. As metal fans, we are being spoiled. Let us rejoice.

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