Kaskade’s “Disarm You” Single

Yes, Electronic Dance Music is a complex, multi-faceted entity, an ever-expanding entanglement of musical experiment, exploration, and fusion But…it’s also kind of about bangers, and Kaskade makes bangers, in abundance. It’s nearly August 2015, and Kaskade’s 2011 Fire & Ice release is still in heavy rotation for me whenever alcohol is in close proximity. Not to mention the dreamy, subdued vibes of 2013’s Atmosphere, which contained essentials like “Feeling the Night”, “Last Chance”, and the title track.

As July 2015 comes to a close, the weather is warm, the clothes are less, and the carefree living is contagious. It’s time for Kaskade to make a welcome contribution to the soundtrack.

For the follow-up to last summer’s I Remember compilation, Kaskade is partnering with Warner Brothers Records, setting this project up to be a huge mainstream moment for EDM.

As of last Thursday, Kaskade has dropped “Disarm You”, a new single from the forthcoming release. The track features female vocalist Ilsey, who guested on the track Headlights by German DJ Robin Schultz – an extremely catchy if not run-of-the-mill house joint released earlier this year. Very familiar with Kaskade’s reliable pop-hook-sung-by-a-female-vocalist-followed-by-a-big-drop formula, I was ready for more of the (pleasantly generic) same. And “Disarm You” delivers.

As expected, the calm, airy verses simply function as a backdrop for an explosive chorus. Backed by subtle yet cinematic keyboard arrangements and Isley’s angelic voice, a militant, reverb-heavy snare pattern quickly builds into a signature, radio-ready Kaskade drop. And one of his best in recent years at that.

I even have forgiveness in my heart for the played-out “woah-oh-oh’s” in this track that were already beat to death when Avicii released “Fade Into Darkness” four years ago. EDM purists, on the other hand, might be slightly less tolerant – the mere mention of Tiesto’s poppy little ditty “Red Lights”, for instance, sends a good buddy of mine into a beautiful mixture of rage, disillusion, and bewilderment.

Is “Disarm You” cut from that same sell-out cloth? I am not the right person to ask. What do I know as a casual EDM consumer, however, is that this track is going to thrive. It’s going to thrive in nightclubs, at house parties, and anywhere where BAC levels sit somewhere in the vicinity of a major league pitcher’s batting average. With five weeks left of summer, I’m psyched to send a few alcoholic beverages down the hatch while “Disarm You” blares through my low-quality speakers, and I’m even more psyched to check out Kaskade’s next album, due out later this year.

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