The Jasta Show: Metal Music’s Number One Podcast

I cannot believe it’s only been about 10 months since Hatebreed/Kingdom of Sorrow frontman Jamey Jasta began pleasuring my eardrums (pause) with his incredibly entertaining podcast, “The Jasta Show”. If I had conceived a child to episode 1, it is possible that my hypothetical metalhead baby would still be taking his sweet-ass time in the delivery room like his father did. Yeah, it’s a “he”. Your political correctness is unwelcome.

Being from Connecticut, I’ve always been a big fan of Jamey’s, but this show has made me idolize him on a whole new level. The guy is relentlessly hard-working, insightful, entertaining, and infectiously passionate about metal and music in general. In addition to appearances from fascinating non-musicians such as comedian Jim Norton and UFC fighter Matt Brown, “The Jasta Show” features interviews with every important metal musician who walks the Earth. Seriously, everybody. From icons like “The Metal God” Rob Halford and Kirk Hammett, to newer heavyweights like Corey Taylor and Ivan Moody, to underground fixtures like Scott Kelly of Neurosis, to Ice-Motherfuckin-T, Jamey delivers engaging interviews week after week at a level of intimacy where you practically feel like you’re in the room hanging with them. It speaks to his level of respect in the industry that he is able to connect so organically with so many different people.

10 months in, this podcast (updated twice a week) is an irreplaceable fixture in my life. I truly believe that the quality of my day-to-day existence is noticeably higher with “The Jasta Show” as one of my many soundtracks. Listening to Jamey’s insightful interviews week after week is inspiring, uplifting, entertaining, and even cathartic at times. Nobody works harder in this business than Jamey Jasta. When I feel like kicking back and watching Netflix, I just think to myself “what would Jamey do?” The answer, most likely, is Coffee, Death Metal, and Pushups. You’ll get that reference once you subscribe. If you are at all a fan of heavy music, I cannot recommend enough that you do.

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